Saturday, September 1, 2012

Design4Media: Menagerie idea 1

I have a heavy interest in character design, so I'm really excited for this project!  The artists I chose for inspiration are: Brittney Lee and Genndy Tartakovsky.

I love paper craft, and always wanted to try, but never found the time. Looking through Brittney Lee's blog, I began to notice similarities between her digital and paper cutout art. In either medium, you could tell it was her work! Which gave me an "ah-ha" moment and I suddenly remembered a quote from cartoonbrew:

(making Hotel Transylvania) “..In 2-D, the way you draw defines you, but in CG the computer takes away your identity. I wanted to make sure the movie had my point of view.
    -Genndy Tartakovsky

So I've decided to do a papercraft project, approaching it like a 2d drawing and incorporating digital art. My goal to have them feel like they relate despite their medium.

I began sketching:
I'm going with robots, and I started to play with their silhouettes. I love how shape-oriented Genndy Tartakovsky's characters are, so I started to experiment with that.
I haven't bought any paper yet, so I made mockups out of magazine scraps. I'm actually really liking it, because the magazine can provide textures/ shapes I probably wouldn't have thought to work with otherwise. The colors are a bit intense right now, so I'll consider that in the final piece.

This is a thumbnail planning the final piece:

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