Thursday, September 20, 2012

Design4Media: Between Posts (2)

In the storyboard concept, my characters started to lose some of their personality that I had been exploring. (The more I think about it, I would not have been able to finish it in a week, anyway.) It was a fun idea, but this project will benefit more if I key in on one central event. 

Here are some possible thumbnails:
I changed the setting from a factory to a laboratory. I really like the thumbnail with greenbot curious about the beakers. I think it would be interesting to build these layers/play with depth. (Tallbot is similar to the professor and helps him work, Buffbot is loyal and sticks by his side, Greenbot is curious/peering into beakers)
(quick color proportioning/ not this opaque)
I went back to giving the narrative a more positive tone:

In the (non-apocalyptic) future, an up and coming scientist has discovered a new method of building robots; an idea people had given up on a long time ago.  He invents a chip, allowing each bot to have their own personalities and pitched his idea to various places. None had taken him seriously or told him this was simply impossible.  Robots weren't of anyone's interest or they were simply afraid of the results, so they would not provide funding. He returned to his lab, determined to prove them wrong, and poured everything into this project. (relates to scrap papers/ cutouts, real objects/wires)

After much time, he finally succeeded. He created three bots, one loyal, one curious, and one with traits similar to that of his own.  The three learn from their surroundings, and have the capability of forming ideas of their own, based on this knowledge.  He returned with his results, but was still disregarded.  He argued that these bots could help people who are sick, or rescue them from places too dangerous for anyone to risk entering. They could disarm bombs, investigate far off places or simple be a friend to talk to. Although some started to seem persuaded, they would not budge on their stance.

He views these three almost as his own children and has hopes of them one day being accepted into everyday society.

Tomorrow I will be buying nicer paper and finalizing the background digitally. I still may include some magazines, but because it's so thin it's a bit hard to work with (tends to ripple). I'm still following the same plan mentioned in my previous post.

More cutout practice:

(magazine mockups)

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