Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Design4Media: Palettes (idea 2)

For my second possible idea, I used colorgrab on my reference photo, and then chose my own proportions of the palette in photoshop. With the bats, the gears and wires won't fit. However, I can still play with depth by incorporating layers of foam core. I still plan to stylize the digital background to fit the cutout bats.

(second palette)
With Halloween around the corner, I thought it'd be fun to play with a darker palette. The first concept would be various bat silhouettes.
The second possible concept, would be a row of different bats, in poses similar to my original sketches. These sketches were from my trip to the zoo, where I went very early. The bats were more active than usual, but were getting ready to sleep for the day. I liked the way those sketches turned out, because they were almost key frames of them flapping their wings.

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