Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Design4Media: Part 3

Since I'm developing a narrative, I decided to make the final piece storyboard-like. (Not quite a storyboard; more of a blueprint with key events leading to the bots' escape).
Some backstory:
An elder professor realizes his machines are being used for war, he decided to build some that could think for themselves and do good. In his final attempts to live on, he implanted his personality and memories into one of the robots. However, the transfer was incomplete so some of the bot's memories are missing. The robot wakes up long after the factory had been abandoned by humans, but many bots still carry out their purpose (guarding it/ not letting bots loose). The narrative focuses on discovering oneself and defining the line between robots and humans. I'd like to continue it later on, but for this project I'm focusing on the events leading to the robots' becoming self aware.
(when bots are self-aware, their gestures will be more rhythmic/lively and the eyes will glow rather than appear hollow)
Tallbot: (easily frightened/ forgets he is a bot so more careful to human dangers)
based on the professor, even has his memories and later realizes how he came to be
Fem. Bot: (super curious) Robot designed to research and learn about surroundings, the prof. modded her to be super intelligent so she also processes the information she gathers
BuffBot: (protective of other bots) soldier modded to think for himself, is actually kind hearted and dislikes violence

Final Steps:
After printing the digital backgrounds (without characters) I will mount them and begin applying layers of foamcore. The outermost layers will be the cutout characters, with digital panels popped out and actual objects in the middle. I recently found a vibrant blue computer motherboard I'd like to incorporate. The wires and gears will be used to lead the viewer through the panels. I will also be using the same palette.


  1. I really like your storyboard. I actually found the majority of it understanding. Just focus on explaining those details you mentioned in class (back story) through more imagery. I know that's easier said than done, like you know in your head it makes sense and sometimes it's hard to convey what you mean to get the same reaction out of others. One thing I can suggest is contrasting the scenes between the time when man is still around (with the scientist) to the scene of post apocalypse. I know incorporating texture is difficult but if you include more grain on the factory building or rust marks or something more grungy, I think that would help portray that scene change better.

    1. Thanks! I think experimenting with textures could be really interesting.

  2. I really like the inclusion of the grey robot, gives off the potential for a han solo/luke skywalker/princess leia love triangle what doesn't end up with accidental incest.

    1. Haha! Hadn't thought of that. XD
      I think developing the robots relationships to each other would certainly add to their personalities.