Sunday, September 30, 2012

Design4Media: Proposal

1-2 minute short 2d animation, produced digitally (toonboom, photoshop, storyboard pro, etc.)

Plot: an art student is trying desperately to retrieve her lost work, which is then personified into a little troll. She ends up chasing the troll throughout the internet, only to realize that she should've just taken the time to make her idea better. After all, the first idea isn't always the greatest! And the more you draw something the better it gets!

Concept: Most of us have experienced lost work at some point, this is a way to make people see how much we, as artists, deeply care about our work.  My goal is to produce a fun, relatable animation (and something inspirational for when we experience such tragedy). I want to gather people passionate about art, and this project, so that this concept really shines through!


Descriptions: (roughly 20 people total)


Director- Me
Head of Art Direction- Jinny H.
Head of Editorial- Renee T.

Story Crew-  Tara N., Isabelle K., Michelle R.
Background artist- Aaron Lappin
Character Designer-
Animation Crew- Kaitlyn F., Laura M.
Sound- Blair B.

Scribe- Christine P.
Branding- Hillary Hastings
Documentary director-
Doc. Crew-

(I have not talked to everyone about this yet, so you reserve the right to decline 
or even switch positions, should mine be picked)
If your position has a gap, you can either get a head start on your task, or report to your head and help with a related task. You must make progress each week. You will also be credited for both, should you double-dip in departments.

Additional sketches:
(note that nothing is final: palettes, characters, etc. will more than likely be changed should my idea be voted in. I just want to provide a stepping stone just in case)
 The ideas are personified into little monsters. One cute, one scary. The scary one (her first idea) is the one chasing her and ends up consuming her, to show how involved she was before redoing it.

If you have any questions, please drop a comment and I will clarify it ASAP! :)


  1. I love your idea! Plus, I can truly relate to the loss of data. (external hard drive crashes, freshman year and memories gone).

    1. Aww definitely, cntrl+ S is my best friend now!

  2. This looks really organized! I love the concept, also. You seem to have a really good understanding of what you want to do for this project. Great job!

  3. Sounds really fun to work on! I'm excited to see more about it.

  4. I really like your idea! I would like to see the visual development department play around with the character designs, I love your style, but I want to see other variations of these characters. But it seems really fun. Nice Job!

    1. Thank you! More variety would definitely be beneficial.

  5. This idea is really well put together, you understand the concept. Of what you want to do and where to take it I would really like to see. How far you could get with this if it gets picked. I love the character designs though I wouldn't mind to more variation's of them. Loosing data on projects is the worst, I've had a little too much experience with it myself. I can't wait to see more of this if it does get picked!

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  7. This is an adorable (and very very relatable) idea! I can honestly say I'd love to see this picked to watch it come to fruition.

  8. This is really well excited. It's put together professionally and with lots of thought and process. I would be interested on working on this project for sure.

  9. Constructive comments for class:

  10. Well thought-out, very well organized. I can really relate to the theme, too. Your proposal is very professional-looking, and I appreciate the time you took to sketch out your characters and concept art. Great project and I really cannot wait to see where this goes!

  11. I love this idea. The design and color choices you made really reflect the tone you seem to be trying to create. Good job!