Thursday, September 13, 2012

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So, my idea started to get too technical too soon.  I went back to my inspirations and thought about how each of Brittney Lee's cut-out pieces are key events from movies. As I was working on my previous sketches, I had a loose narrative in the back of my mind, but now I've developed it further:

  Three robots each had their own individual personalities programmed. One easily frightened, one curious and the other very protective and loyal. Although these are fairly basic traits, their personalities went beyond what was programmed. They each became self aware, and tried to escape their factory. However, on their way out, they encountered the other bots. 

The story continues, and is still in development. The piece will be the moment the robots are setting out on their adventure. Here are the thumbnails:

I'm going to focus on giving the piece movement without being too chaotic. The conveyor belt will be rounded. I think the use of actual wires and gears will not only be interesting to play with depth-wise, but can help me lead the eye throughout the piece. 

I'm also going to do more cutout experiments this weekend (with magazines). In the narrative, the bots are self aware only after existing a while, so they may be a little scrappy. (My palette is mostly made of blues/greens, so accents of reds and oranges could represent rust) Scrap papers/ and cutouts will relate back to this idea. (Although it's scraps, I want the overall look to be clean and controlled. I think it will be a nice contrast).
Protagonist Model Sheets:
(femalebot, tallbot, buffbot)

(Their names as of now are temporary.) 
Guard Bots/antagonists:
(still in development)
I'm thinking of having "buff bot"'s design slightly similar to the guards, to indicate that his purpose was originally the same as theirs. There will be five characters total.

Lately, there are a lot of apocalyptic stories in popular culture. While I enjoy many, I decided that I wanted to take my robots in a different direction because there aren't very many stories like that. I love reading articles about positive development in science and technology, like new chips that can give people sight, and robotic hands with the sense of touch. These new discoveries make me hopeful and excited for the future, rather than afraid. 

The piece will be fun and whimsical with an element of mystery. I chose to have the piece at this escape scene, because the robots are just embarking on their journey. My main goal is to have the piece be unified despite their media.

(additional sketches)

These robot designs are going to be very shape driven, I think this will translate well to cutouts. Even though they are robots, I gave them an elastic/ organic feel. One element tying all of the bots together is that their eyes are all hollow, this is to indicate that even though they have human-like qualities, they are still robots. The topic of Technological Singularity came up in my class recently. I thought about how interesting the reverse of that would be: robots trying to emulate and adapt to humans rather than humans to technology. Either direction, the outcome of defining humans is blurred. 

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