Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lost Files: Update 3


So this week's focus is establishing the concepts.  It's important that we take this time to explore different ideas, because we will be committing to them for the rest of the month.  I wanted to give everyone a chance to pitch ideas so the project will be the best it can plus- it's OUR project. There's no way I could do this by myself!

*This week we'll be laying out the foundation for the rest of the project.*

Yesterday we split into groups and I would go back and forth to help. In the concept group I had people show me character sketches. Alexa and Tara had such great variety, I assigned them to background characters.  Anthony re envisioned my troll character into a devious, wispy goblin I really liked. Sidney pitched a bubbly concept for the nice troll. I decided to take on the main character, while pulling elements from the designs shown to me. (Katie's emphasis on the sweatshirt, Anthony's asymmetrical bangs).

In the story group we combined everyone's ideas into a storyboard Tara and I are in the process of cleaning. Everyone came in with great ideas! Based on
Aaron's backgrounds, we are personifying the internet and decided to spoof some of the website's names. Chay will be working with him on color (A cooler palette made up of blues and purples with highlights of greens). We also decided it would be interesting to play with pixels.  The troll could leave a trail of pixels as he's chased (also because he comes from photoshop). The main character will be simplified into an avatar version of herself as she dives into the internet. I think this will also help us in animating faster with her simplified the majority of the story.

The editorial group came up with a plan on how to edit the final documentary.  They began gathering some photos/footage as we were working. 
Colin's logos are also underway.

Tomorrow is going to be a LOT of fun! It'll be our 'sweatbox' day.  Yes it'll be a lot of work- but don't let the name scare you!  All animators will come in with their assigned character (or chosen if they're doing multiple) and produce a quick, rough gesture (2-4 seconds).  I'm hoping we'll have time to do several, but I understand people may need to get used to the program.

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