Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lost Files: Update 4

Over the weekend I worked with Tara, the art director, in finalizing our animatic. Everyone brought such great ideas to the table!! I decided to have Tara and I finalize it so that there would be less clashing styles (since we're still establishing) and the overall look of the final short will be unified. I emphasized the cartoonie look for the section of the story where she is an avatar, and Tara redid the opening and ending in her more realistic/cartoon style.

The color and background teams are working on sketches and palettes so we can jump into work. (We don't need fully developed backgrounds, just need a sense of proportions). This will pretty much keep them busy until the end- they have already taken the storyboard and made the compositions more dynamic!

The documentary crew has also put together a fun idea for the final video and began shooting. The photographers also began to take crew photos for our website.

As for the rest of the crew, I encouraged them to keep sketching and keep loose for next week. (Also to experiment with character designs and palettes.)

The sweatbox went really well!! I decided to play up everyone's strengths and break down the animator's roles accordingly.  

It is also unfair to expect everyone to draw exactly like me, so I established a "happy medium" style based off everyone's work. Everyone's process is different and, again, I want to play up our team's strengths!(I know studios follow a process similar to this as well).  I did some sketches to hopefully answer some questions as we work.
Reference Guide:(Click to view larger)

A group of 2-3, including me, will do a cleanup and "continuity check" once we are near completion. As for the breakdowns, it will be a challenge to merge styles, but I think we can blend them as we go, and the corrections won't be too difficult. (Why the continuity check will be so important).

Over the weekend I ran some animation tests while livestreaming. I feel like I've gotten faster, but still have room to improve. These served as a personal warm-up and reference for later (refresh if they don't move):

(keys sketched traditionally)
(Digital rough)
The walk ended up a bit asymmetrical,  but I like the elastic quality of the limbs.
(rough turnaround)
Next week we'll be breaking down scenes and starting the actual animation.  I'm going to encourage the team to get up and act out their scenes in front of the mirror.  I'm also willing to act scenes for people, and will be working on a few myself. The scenes will be broken down from 3-6 seconds, to prevent the program from crashing. 


  1. Is this for a class, or are you guys working on this somewhere else?