Monday, October 22, 2012

Lost Files: Update 5

We've begun roughing out the animation.  In just under 3 hours- we completed almost 20 seconds!! Not only am I more confident we can finish this project- but I believe we will have time to go back and cleanup.  Tara, Anthony, and I will run a continuity check once all scenes have been cleaned up.  (Make sure nothing has glitched, no wavering weight, etc.)

Our goal will be to merge our styles and unify the piece overall. 

I developed a progress chart to keep us on track, each week I will go through the scenes and make note of adjustments needed.  Quality is our main concern, especially now that I feel we can complete it. We have some time to punch up the key scenes and I know we can do it!!

The color scripts are near completion, so character palettes will be finalized before next week. As we complete scenes, color/cleanup will start simultaneously. 

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