Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lost Files: Update 6

One of my favorite books, The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams talks about different approaches to animation.  I forget the exact excerpt, but basically, there are two ways. One where you have everything planned out, and the opposite where you animate as you go.  One of the best ways to animate is to combine both methods. Know where you want to go, but leave room for improv.  That was my goal with the animatic- and it's paying off.

Tara made the walk at the beginning very bouncy and so I thought adding headphones would fit. As if she were just listening to music, almost dancing as she walked, yet bugged that someone is still in the lab. Alexa had extra time in one of her scenes, and then animated the character brushing hair behind her ear.  (Because I'm animating the scene after, there is some wiggle room for smoothing)  Where I originally had an idea of movement of the troll on the screen, Anthony made him look as if he is awakening from the screen.  It has a very stretchy quality which I liked.  Katie has been having fun with the bubbly character, I originally thought of him floating around, but she went a step further and has had him zip around. I'm also very pleased with the credits so far, and how Christine and Kira have incorporated our rough animations from the beginning.

It's very rewarding to see your vision not only start to come through, but in a much better way.  I'm all over these subtle details which add so much to the characters.  I really appreciate how everyone is putting their best foot forward.  This is our project, and I've been placing a lot of emphasis on letting everyone's talent shine through. Each meeting I've been keeping this chart up to date:

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I'm still confident we can finish.  This weekend I'll be cleaning up a few scenes so that the color crew can begin work simultaneously as we complete rough animation.  Also so that I'll be available to answer questions as people work outside of class.  Tara and I also plan to rework the last scene before she awakes.

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