Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost Files: Update 7

These past few weeks have just flown by!
Well, I've decided on a name for our main character- Lacie! (Anagram of Alice, a play on Alice in Wonderland). I also found a couple of local festivals to enter, but I'm still having a couple people look. (They may find a better one, or we could possibly enter several.)  Renee got confirmation on the song we chose, which is exciting! (Click to view the artist's page)

(The specific scenes I worked on over the weekend are in my previous post)

So far we have all but one scene roughed out.  All backgrounds are also roughed out and being developed.  It looks like we're right on schedule, I believe we can finish this!! I'll be putting extra time in throughout the week and this weekend on cleanup and color.

Tara will be helping me continue to check in with everyone and make sure they are on track.  I have also given her a more detailed list on what we need to finalize tomorrow.

Character color reference (developed with Sidney):

(Renee will be making palettes in toonboom based off of this.)

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