Friday, October 5, 2012

Lost Files

My animation pitch was chosen!!

I will be directing the one to two minute animation mentioned in my last post. Yesterday was the kick-off of the project and everyone was given their roles.  It will be a challenge to produce a full animation short in a month, but with everyone's enthusiasm, I'm certain we will make something great!!

We started by having everyone sketch concepts on their own. The story crew will be presenting their ideas to each other, and putting together the final board based on the best of each. The backgrounds and character designers are also bringing in sketches next week. I think it's important to give everyone time to explore possibilities with stories/designs on their own, so that when we gather, the best ideas will be selected. It will keep everyone loose and the project will be as best it can.  I will also be sketching along with everyone. 

Next week we will be keying in on the final concepts and story so that we can begin work ASAP! 

I also plan to have a 'sweatbox' day next Thursday. We watched this video where Glenn Keane talked about the process the animators went through to establish the character, Tarzan. I want to mimic this process to some degree. Once the character designs are more finalized, the animators will gather and each animate a short, rough gesture.   Not only will it be a fun warmup, but we may discover something we like about the character (like the subtle push of Tarzan's hair from his face). Something not all of us may think of.  It will also help us start to unify a style for the final.

Next week will be really important in setting a foundation for the rest of the project! 

(Our overall progress will be tracked: here.)

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