Sunday, October 28, 2012

Overall Progress

So today was a very productive day!
First,  I helped my friend Blair with a photoshoot:
The portraits had to be a more serious tone, so we played off of Film Noir.
Then, I spent a while in the labs. I began cleaning so that we can start color simultaneously:
 (looking back at this scene, I think there should be a longer pause when she breaks the fourth wall)

 (Bubbles are REALLY fun to animate! I started to play with the idea of the bubbles being ignored and disappointed as she turns back. I may add a few frames to emphasize this, depending on the rest of the timing).
 (Rough of her being consumed by the idea)

(looser style of animation I started to explore while playing with the timing, I really like this gesture of her pushing her hair back and I don't want it to feel rushed. )

I'll most likely work some more before Tuesday. Right now I'm going through the scenes and taking note on changes I think will be needed.  It's a good habit each meeting, just so I can be on top of everything that's going on and hopefully catch things before crunch time. It looks like transitions will be most challenging, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic!

As far as my platformer/cutscene story, I started by following the musical cues and then breaking down certain parts. Here's what I have so far:

 (Still very rough but I like where it's going. I picked a very upbeat song so it's pretty fun!) :D

The Illustration Student Collective hit 150 members so to celebrate- we are each doing a pokemon fanart! I chose vulpix, I'm hoping to have enough time to do a little gif. c:

Last night was the Animation Student Collective Halloween party, I also joined the sister sketch group called the Weeklies! Here are some sketches of people in costume:
I'm working on sketching more loosely yet clean, I think working in colored pencil really helps. And lastly- I started a sketchbook on! c:

(I'm going to work on keeping more up to date with my projects so that they're not all in one long post again) o____o

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