Monday, November 19, 2012

D4M Final: Concept Expanded

Thursday, Jinny and I outlined our script and divided the work more specifically.

We will also have 5-7 pages:
  • Cover
  • Prologue (brief summary of who we are/how we all met)
  • Intro (meal at steak and shake wrapped up, leave to investigate)
  • Traveling
  • Pass 'Car graveyard' Michelle wants to stop
  • Car breaks down, group separated ('Let's split up, gang!' Jinny and I lead groups separate ways)
  • Threat introduced (Turns out to be one of the group's alter ego- tagline is "How well do you know your friends")
Since we are focusing on the intro, our main goal is to make the reader want to read on. We will possibly be leaving on a cliffhanger.(And maybe even continuing the story on after class?)

I will be focusing on backgrounds, cleanup, and character line art (because I love ink and linework) and Jinny will be drawing/ coloring the characters and making color scripts. We will be working traditionally, then scanning in our work and digitizing it. We also made thumbnails of page layouts:

As far as the website, we're preparing some additional elements like a character web and profiles page. 

Scott Pilgrim Web
Lackadaisy Characters
Helvetica Cast

On Friday, we also went to Steak and Shake for sketching/more photo refs:

I did some doodles of my friends at the animation collective.  (Our poor friend Michelle is always the butt of our jokes. We tease her a lot but its all good fun, nothing serious. Ex. she hates yellow. That teasing will be exaggerated here.)  Even though I'm not doing character design, my prop and background designs will have to be cohesive so I'm going to focus on that in my sketches.

My tablet recently broke, so budgeting my time when I can work in the labs will be crucial until I get a new one. Over break I will be sketching the backgrounds for the first few pages and thumbnails for the cover, so I can dive into cleaning and color.

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