Monday, November 26, 2012

D4M Final: Groundwork

This week's goals:
-Background sketches
-Thumbnails for the rest of the pages
-Cover thumbnails

Background Sketches:
(Forest: Upward)
(Forest: midshot 2)

(Forest: Mid shot)

('car graveyard')
(Diner: Indoor 1)

(Diner: Outdoor Establishing)
(Diner: Indoor2)

(Diner: Outdoor Parking lot)

(Driving: Stop light)

(23 Exit sign)

(Driving: Longshot)

Page Layouts:
(Page 1- Rough)
 The group is wrapping up their meal as Kayla and Paige each reach for the last fry. Michelle gets involved as Blair interrupts, mentioning the cornfield.  (foreshadowing a later conflict). Those heading to investigate leave with Jinny.

(Page 2- Rough)

In the car there is an awkward silence as Paige glares at Michelle, so Jinny plays a CD as we pass the creepy 23 sign.  More traveling as it is on the outskirts of town.

(Page 3- Rough)
 Michelle looks out the window and sees the 'car graveyard'. She and Jinny argue about stopping when the car breaks down (too many passengers).   

These may not stay blue- just as a reminder to incorporate the background.  A theme throughout is that the background will reflect whats happening- light silhouette as they leave the traffic light, trees as we enter the forest, etc. I'll be developing them in the same way I developed the prop sketches in my last post; very graphic and shape oriented.  I started developing a 'cutout' like style in some of my digital work over summer and I think this is a good opportunity to expand on it. We also decided to keep linework only on characters so that they stand out more.

Page Thumbnails:
Page 4: The group splits up and the shenanigans begin. Jinny takes Paige, Laura, Hillary and Michelle as Tara, Kaylee, and Blair follow me. I am given the other walkie talkie.
(lack of phone service)
Page 5: My group sets into the forest when we come across John who has moved away months ago.
Page 6:Jinny's group is heading the opposite direction when they hear Kaylee scream. They turn around and realize that Paige is missing. Laura then sees Reubens (stuffed alpaca) up in a tree.
Page 7: Laura runs off only to be confronted by a very tall silhouette.

(the goal is to key the multiple storylines we may develop later should we continue)

Cover Thumbnails:
(Logo experiments)

(Final logo to be cleaned up/colored in photoshop; different font)

Next week's goals:
-Develop a third of the backgrounds (2-3 pages)
-Rough Layouts for the last few pages
-Digitize Logo
-Refine Cover Sketch


  1. Hey Emma! I took a liking to your logo. I think as said, hand-drawn would look best. A good font to start with is called Stone Sans Sem SC ITC TT. It uses small capitals in place of lower case letters, much like your sketch. It's the typeface we used for The Lost Files: