Wednesday, November 14, 2012

D4M Final: Research

So I looked more into comicpress and learned that it is not hosted on the basic wordpress site, and that we would need a webhost. We decided to use, and will have our own domain name. (However, we want to wait until we have more concept work, logos, a banner, and finalized name. The tentative title is The Friendship Lobby as of now).

Also, we came up with the tagline: 'How well do you know your friends?".  And decided to tone down the art references, as not to be associated with The Lost Files.  The characters are indeed artists, so there may be some subtle jokes at play, but it will not be pivotal to the story.  The overall feel of the comic will be welcoming.  As if you, the reader, were just one of the gang and hanging out with these characters.  (Having it be solely inside jokes is a sure way to kill a comic and turn away readers.) We also decided to make a brief prologue page introducing who we are, and cover page. 

We started looking into common horror movie tropes we could incorporate.  This trope, is one that always gets on my nerves! We have so many characters, though, that I think it would work and we can poke fun at.  I discovered this helpful resource as well.  My comics have never gotten very far, and I'm really into this idea.  I know we will make something great!

And lastly, I started a mini environment painting based on one of my sketches from the park:

Overall I'm really excited for this project, I've always wanted to do a webcomic.  This will also go hand in hand with my major.  It will be challenging, but fun!  Thursday, and possibly over the weekend, we will be meeting to finalize the script and have model sheets underway.

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