Monday, November 12, 2012

Final D4M: Proposal

My favorite part of the last project was all the concept work at the beginning, as was Jinny Hinkle's.  So we decided to team up and make a short webcomic, with emphasis on strong concepts!  The goal is to complete at least 5 pages establishing the plot, and continuing from there.

Over the weekend, we met to play around with ideas. We talked about how inspirational Shaun of the Dead, Paranorman, and Gravity Falls were as horror movies/shows and how they make reference to tropes.  Each also have their own feel and bring something new to the genre, which is what we want to do with our concept.

A month ago, I happened to pass along a Facebook meme where you fill in your friends that appear on your page.  Normally I don't do chain things, but the people on my page all happened to be the friends I hang out with most so I shared it with them:
Decides the creepy house is safe- Blair
Screams like a baby- Kaylee
The one who trips while running in the woods - Kira
The first to go missing- Laura
Murdered while saving you - Tara
Survives by faking dead - Paige
Has a solid survival plan no one listens to - Jinny
Is really the killer - Hillary
Our concept is basically placing our friends in a horror movie, only exaggerating their personalities for comedic purposes.  We're still fleshing out the exact script, but I really like where this idea is going so far. Our friends are all eccentric characters so this will be a lot of fun! (We also got their permission to use them in the comic and they really liked the idea!)

In addition, we're considering the idea of emphasizing each character based on their preferred medium (ex. charcoal person is messier than inker, so on).  This is a play on how owners tend to look like their pets, only with art supplies.

Target Dates:
Week 1-Nov. 12: Proposal/Preliminary sketching/ location studies
We will each provide a wide variety of sketches based on our concept, also take photos of various locations. (We each divided who would take pictures of what, this is a chance to explore the ideas on our own before collaborating and each bring something new to the table).

Week 2-Nov. 18: Begin refining sketches/ establish new style pulling elements from our own, start to explore palette, finalize script,  decide how we will divide work as far as the final comic pages (whether one of us does backgrounds for each page and the other characters, divide by pages, etc. It will be easier to plan one script is finalized).

Week 3-Nov. 26: Finalized model sheets, background concepts, rough out thumbnails of pages

Week 4-Dec. 3: page layouts finalized, comic pages underway

Week 5-Dec. 10: Comic on it's way to completion

December 13th- completed!

  Initial Sketches/ Reference:  
(We will be establishing a final style Thursday)

 Photo Refs:
(Where I recently moved, there is this very serene park I thought would make for good environments. I did a few studies in the afternoon, then came back at night for palette examples)

Additional Inspirations:
Helvetica (Recent CCAD alum!)

Eyvind Earle 

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