Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mini Update

I drew Vulpix for the Illustration Student Collective!  I really don't draw much in the way of fanart, but this was a lot of fun!

For my psychology project, we had to advertise a spin on the snuggie pertaining to a certain audience.  Our audience is very detail oriented and practical, so we came up with a poncho-like one, and I did the illustration.

During thanksgiving break, I also did some sketching during the dog show!

And lastly, for my figure drawing final we each wrote an ambiguous allegory that we are turning into a piece.  I thought about how easily it is to feel detached from everything with lack of internet or even a cell phone for a day.  My short story personifies a detached power line and represents someone almost descending into madness from isolation. The figure will be calling to the two other figures on their phones.  I'm going with a composition similar to the last sketch and keeping it all silhouettes in ink. I will also be incorporating the overlapping of wires in the first sketch.  I'm going to focus on playing with the movement of the wires and three figures interacting.

Back to finals!

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