Saturday, November 3, 2012

Music Storyboard 2

(Witch Gestures)
My storyboards are coming along nicely. Rather than completely translating the sketches digitally, I'm playing with the ground tone they already have and with opacity.  I usually avoid too much opacity because I feel like it muddies my drawings, but how am I going to get better by avoiding it? This is the perfect opportunity to work on improving that!

I originally thought of doing video game cut scenes because of the song I picked. (Only the protagonist is rescuing her cat rather than a princess). I'm still playing with how to make this idea more apparent.  I'm breaking down more of the musical cues, as well. (For example, there's a scene that gets rather high pitched and almost sounds like meowing. Or using certain notes as if characters are talking instead of actual dialogue).

The ASC encouraged us to think about what inspires us and to do this meme. I had seen it floating around deviantart, but never found the time to do one myself.  So I figured, it was about time!

I must say it was difficult to narrow this down.  I had to include my favorite artists and storytellers: Henry Selick, Bruce Timm, Hayao Miyazaki, Brad Bird, Glen Keane, Katsuhiro Otomo, Craig McCracken, Genndy Tartakovsky, Alfred Hitchcock, Shigeru Miyamoto. (I'm terrible with names except for animators, haha!) I also adore Eyvind Earle and Edward Hopper's work and sense of color. (Eyvind's work is very graphic and shape oriented, while Hopper's compositions are very cinematic- his pieces have even influenced Hitchcock's work.  Some of Samurai Jack's backgrounds make me think of Eyvind's work as well). And then I included some cartoons I grew up with. Like I said, the list could keep going.  Animation is certainly something I'm very passionate about and I could go on for hours.  

My Animation I prof even warned us last year that we'd become the people "no one will want to see a movie with" and I've certainly reached that point.  (Which is what's great about seeing movies with other animator buddies! We pretty much dissect the movie afterwards, or will rewatch scenes frame by frame on dvds). Speaking of which, Paperman was GORGEOUS!

(Lacie's avatar form from The Lost Files and a vulpix sketch for the ISC)

Lastly, I've been playing with a different method of sketching.  Normally I want to outline and ink everything, but this time I only inked what would be the darkest darks.  I'm liking the look of it and definitely want to explore more.

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