Monday, December 3, 2012

Lost Files: Reflection

I've had many professors here tell me that 'this is the time to make mistakes' or 'make mistakes now, and fast' and I believe this rings true.  College is not only the time to make mistakes, but learn from them- rather than later down the road. It would be nightmarish to find oneself in the industry, only to make a rookie mistake.

After stepping away from the Lost Files for a few weeks and watching it again, I find so many mistakes more easily.  There were some timing bugs, and I think it may have been because the scenes were worked on separately for so long.  But I also consider the challenges we overcame to get to where it is now.  For many of us, this was new territory.  All of us had either just taken, or were still in animation I!  I myself had never lead a group of 17 people on a project, either.  We completed a lot, but I still feel it is unfinished.

Either way, I really enjoyed exploring the animation process more.  It's one thing to develop a short on your own, and another to work as a group.  It's important to make sure everyone is on the same page and by the end, I feel like we really got in the swing of things.  It was also a lot of fun bringing everyone's ideas together. What's great about directing is that I got the chance to dive into each part of the process, as well.  I found that I most enjoyed the concept and character animation processes.

Were I to direct another short, (possibly with a few friends over summer) I feel so much more prepared now.  The experiences I have gained are invaluable. After all, nobody starts out as a director or lead animator.

Overall I am grateful for the many opportunities we were given in this class. Not all classes give us the chance to work on self driven projects as these.  Seeing one's work on the big screen is also a thrilling experience. Our animation was quite ambitious and I'm lucky to be one of the three to see theirs through. There will be an encore presentation in the upcoming weeks!

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