Tuesday, December 4, 2012

D4M Final: Progress

This week's goals:
-Develop a third of the backgrounds (2-3 pages)
-Rough Layouts for the last few pages
-Digitize Logo
-Refine Cover Sketch
(Jinny took on since she is doing most of the characters and the cover is character driven)

Develop a third of the backgrounds: (really about half)
 I also did the lineart in a dark brown, we'll be trading off on character coloring.

 Rough Layouts for the last few pages:

Digitized Logo:
Next week's goals:
-build website (by thursday)
-Have all pages/ cover developed and ready for final cleanup
(Cleaned up before next thursday, 13th)
-(Look into printing cards w/website or booklets for final presentation day?)
-apply logo as watermark to pages

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