Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ballerina Girl

My character I'll be exploring in animation II! (post critique)


  1. Cute, for sure! There's some potential for some great secondary action here in skirt and leggings, and even the bun. Keep in mind that a lot of ballerinas are told to wear their buns so tight and with so many pins and the like that you literally get a headache. (Yup, personal experience talking.)

    If you plan on having her do actual moves for one of our projects in the future, you'd have to do a little research, but I'll bet you planned on that.

    1. Thanks! I definitely plan on doing some more research. (I've begun gesturing to some youtube videos, haha!) I hadn't considered the bun as much, though. I had fun drawing a looser one, (which still works because I may play with clumsiness) but that's a good point. It can still have some subtle movement and feel tight.

      Your personal experience is much appreciated! :P