Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Semester!

In my photo I class, we made photograms! I used gears and wires and started to experiment with movement.  I also played with mirrors and flashlights, leaving some interesting effects. We will be doing more next week, along with scanograms! 
 (Fun fact: the 'netting' is actually from a loofah I took apart, haha)

I'm really excited for this class, because I struggled to fit it in during high school.  It's also applicable to animation, and my growing interest in stop motion.  Plus, I can start building a better reference library for myself!


For animation II, we're designing characters that we'll be exploring throughout the semester!  With pixelovely, I drew gestures of ballerinas and thought it'd be fun to explore.  These sketches are just a loose start, but I'm liking the 'bean' shaped torso. I'll be watching some videos for inspiration, and getting more detailed over the weekend.  When I think of ballerinas, I think of them being light, articulate and swift- I want these movements to translate in my character.

And finally, I'll be helping to manage a blog for our sketch group! The Weeklies is a sister group to the Animation Student Collective.  We'll be meeting with others passionate about drawing, to sketch for an hour each week.  The goal is to have fun and improve our craft!

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