Sunday, April 7, 2013


I believe this is the longest I haven't posted on my blog, and it feels terrible.  Nonetheless, I have been getting a lot of work done! Animation on Aria is in full swing and it's very exciting. I can't wait to see the final outcome- especially with some of the effects I've gotten a chance to look at.  If you haven't been to the production blog, there are lots of fun sneak peeks!

In animation II, I completed my effects animation, but would still like to go back and refine it a bit more:

Our next project is rigging a character, which I am also really enjoying!  At first glance, the network in toonboom seemed intimidating, but I'm surprised how quickly I took to it. I brought back my little robot for this project:

(don't worry, he's going to have a face ;)

 I've also been sketching at the zoo and cafes as the weather has improved here:

Lastly, I've been updating my portfolio which will be up very soon!

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