Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Light and Powerful

This week we're focusing on movement and clean, readable poses. 
We were given the opportunity to sketch at the Ballet Met!

It was really interesting to listen to the ballet instructor as we were sketching. She would repeat 'light, and powerful!".  After watching today, I see that it takes a lot of work to be so graceful, and strength to be able to dance and leap for such long periods. Similar to how we want clear drawings, the dancers worked for clear poses that would read from on stage. 

I aimed for this 'light and powerful' feel in my drawings. It was challenging because of how quickly they moved, but as they were going through their routine, some poses would repeat.

I'm hoping we'll go back after having this first session under our belt!

1 comment:

  1. Good -- Your long lines are strong and full of movement. Excellent capturing of the movement -- I like the series drawings.
    But -- Don't be afraid of messing up those pretty lines by searching and reiterating those long lines -- get them in a more accurate place and length -- push the angles them go back over them, making them thicker and darker so that they become the dominant statement.