Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Class 10.30.13

Today we visited the chiller!  Because the skaters move so quickly,  I focused on memorizing key poses and then capturing them in a sketch.  I also noticed many poses repeated so I was able to start a sketch and then go back and finish; similar to how we approached ballet met.

The skaters also had great attitudes and so I tried to convey that confidence in my sketches.  Occasionally they'd slip and fall (very few times) and would quickly get right back up, or smile and assure the other skaters, "I'm okay!".  I thought about the parallels between skating and drawing as I worked.  For each great sketch there are 10 (or more) terrible ones.  And for each successful leap or spin, there are many falls before.

Anyways, it was really fun and I look forward to going back!

Total: 75

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