Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Semester!

This semester has already been really busy, but I'm working on many exciting projects!

Honors Short:
For starters, I've started a blog to track my work on a short I will be creating outside of class!
This semester's focus is on preplanning, and through summer/ next semester I will be animating.

Animation III:
Throughout this semester we will be working on a 30 second short!
I also made a blog for this class.

Our school is teaming up with Airstream this spring.  Each major will be contributing to this project.  I was one of the members selected for the animation group!

In a Roger Rabbit-esque style, our class will be making a short combining multiple forms of animation.  If our character is chosen, we are responsible for the design and animation of that character.  My Hipster Fox was one of the many characters chosen:

And lastly, we're bringing Aria back to life!
I've been cleaning up scenes and painting backgrounds:

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